Sketchbook: 1

Weekly Sketchbook Update

IMG_2743First up, Wildflower. Washington is notoriously rainy in the wintertime, and as much as I love the rain I don’t always want to go out in it. All I wanted was to go on an adventure, but alas I was sick with a cold and it was a dreary 45 degrees outside. Instead I sat inside and watched friends while sketching the wildflowers that aren’t currently in season.


Second up, one of my first attempts at portraiture. I was inspired by Pinterest of all places. Pins were popping up about “how to draw eyes” and “how to draw lips” etc. I basically studied each pin and combined them to make this portrait that’s slightly intimidating, but also better than I anticipated for my first go.


Third was simple, I decided to draw the view I see every day driving home from work. I have countless photos of Mount Si, but I had never tried to create it in any other medium, I chose pointillism because it is minimal, yet unique.

FullSizeRenderThe last piece for this week is probably my favorite. I ordered a white gel pen online, and as soon as it came in the mail I had to try it. Lighthouses are one of my favorite things; not only are they beautiful but they’re also full of history. I’ve also been attempting to learn how to photography the night sky (unsuccessfully, but stay tuned..), so instead of photographing it, I drew it.


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