Starbucks Sidewalk Sign

Many of the Starbucks signs are designed by the corporate office, but the manager at my store let’s me use my creative juices on our sidewalk sign to display the things happening within our store. Here are some of my favorites.

Sketchbook: 2

The first was inspired by a book I read and a song I listened too. I read Renee Carlino’s “Before We Were Strangers” in one night this week. I’ve always been one to listen to music while reading, and since the protagonist in this particular book was obsessed with Jeff Buckley, I decided to put…

Sketchbook: 1

Weekly Sketchbook Update First up, Wildflower. Washington is notoriously rainy in the wintertime, and as much as I love the rain I don’t always want to go out in it. All I wanted was to go on an adventure, but alas I was sick with a cold and it was a dreary 45 degrees outside….

Living like Hippies

I used to dream of buying an old Volkswagon bus, remodeling it, and traveling the USA in it. Okay, maybe I’d still do it! Process Finished Product

Golden Hour, photography.

In my opinion, I live in one of the most beautiful areas, made even more beautiful by the wintery sun setting. Exploring an area like this makes photography pretty easy.

Tornado Type

Sometime’s I’m bored and create ugly sketches, and sometimes I get motivated to turn those ugly sketches into vector images. Taking a quick sketch to a vector image isn’t as complicated as it sounds. This can be done by simply taking a photo of the sketch and using the “image trace” tool in Adobe Illustrator….

Retro Typography.

There is always more to learn when it comes to graphic design and the Adobe Creative Cloud in itself. One of my favorite things to play around with is type when it comes to learning, because the possibilities are truly endless and typography has the power to use a variety of tools within the Adobe CC…

The Daydreamers, Photoshop.

Portraiture is an art form nearly every person appreciates, whether it be school portraits, family portraits, or even caricature. I, however, wanted to take a different direction with the classic photographic style. The Daydreamers was inspired by (if I am honest…) my senioritis in college. I created this series during my final semester at WSU…

Under the 2D Sea

 Flat vector is currently one of my favorite styles in the graphic design world! It makes for perfect prints to add character to any room! I’m tired of the snowy winter here in Washington, so I’ve been dreaming about the sunshine and ocean, which was the inspiration behind this piece. The ocean is one of…

Almond Orthodontics Invitation

Almond Orthodontics is located in Richland, WA. The office has recently relocated to a modern, new office! With cedar ceilings, brick walls, vintage lights, and red stitching on the black chairs, it wasn’t hard to gather inspiration for the Open House invitation! I chose a bold, modern sans-serif font for the key words paired with…